S o l u t i o n s

Developing creative solutions which are tailored to your unique situation is where we excel.  We pride ourselves on bringing unique, value added, ideas and solutions to you which you will not find anywhere else.

Some areas where we can provide you with creative solutions:

Risk Mitigated Wealth Creation

If someone told you that there was a way for you to create significant wealth for your family and favorite charities without requiring any out-of-pocket expense where all the risk points were managed to such a degree that they were negligible? Would you be interested?

Solutions for Collectors

You have spent your lifetime building your collection, piece by piece, with passion.  In addition to all the joy it has brought you, it has grown in value to such a degree that special consideration must be paid to it.  Questions many collectors ask themselves include:

Collections are specialized assets which require specialized planning.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for advisors to properly advise you on these matters unless they have the requisite expertise.  The Wealth Group has the ability to bring in the experts who specialize in your type of collection to advise you on these important issues.

As an example, The Wealth Group recently worked with a buyer interested in buying a $60 Million painting.  We brought in the number one expert in the world on the artist and determined that the painting in question was a worthless copy - saving our client a very costly mistake.

In addition to providing these practical services, The Wealth Group is able to help you do the necessary planning to keep your collection intact or, if desired, to sell the collection at the highest price.  We even have the ability to show you how you could get a tax deduction for your collection while still owning it.